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Erosart Onagra Woman Dispenser 50 ml

Erosart Onagra Woman Dispenser 50 ml
Erosart Onagra Woman Dispenser 50 ml

This intimate gel is designed especially for women. You should perform an intimate and exciting massage in the outer area of ??the vagina to intensify orgasms, grant more sensitivity, sensuality and lengthen the time of pleasure.

Highly recommended in situations where you want to achieve a true climax and a pleasant sexual relationship of a couple; indicated in intimate massages, and especially in cases of frigidity, sexual apathy, for uncomfortable penetrations and in any situation that is desired to enhance and increase sexual pleasure.

Properties of its components:

  • Arginine that acts as a vasodilator increasing sensitivity. It is immediate action. It is an amino acid that intervenes in some functions of the organism of women, highlight their aphrodisiac effects, which significantly improves sexual desire, also, arginine involved in the erection of the clitoris, in the first phase.
  • The evening primrose oil contains gamma-linoleic (PEG1) that favors the production of prostaglandins and that act in the dilation of blood vessels, whose action is essential to have a good erection of the clitoris.
  • Aloe Barbadensis: for greater care and softness of the female intimate area.
  • Mint: which provides freshness and a very pleasant effect on mucous membranes.
  • Camphor: Its cold / heat effect is complemented by a pleasant tingle of intense pleasure with immediate action.

How to use: Apply sufficient amount of gel on the area, previously cleaned, doing, at the same time, a light and gentle massage until you feel a pleasant and pleasant tingling sensation. Prepares the area and conditions it so that the massages favor the circulation of fluids; It is intensifying, sliding and softening. It is for external use; It is not toxic, so it can be used in quantity and frequency according to your needs.

"ONAGRA Exciting woman, is a very useful product for all women:

  • Women who want to enhance their sexual desire.
  • Women who want to increase their sensitivity.
  • Women who seek their excitement and their own pleasure.
  • Women who want long and intense orgasms.
  • Women looking for new experiences
  • It is more than an intimate gel, you will discover in yourself a new way of feeling pleasure.

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